Breakfast for Dinner

Nov 30, 2011 by

In October, the weekend after the Halloween party at Lyndi’s, I hosted a “Breakfast for Dinner” themed dinner at my place. Who does”t love breakfast for dinner!!?? The appetizers I had in mind were lox and cream cheese crustinis and french toast sticks with homemade maple syrup. The lox and cream cheese crustinis were simple, little bites with onion and capers on french bread slivers: I didn’t get a starting picture of the french bread dipping sticks, but you can see how popular they were. I ended up having to use garlic butter Texas toast as the bread because I couldn’t find any regular Texas toast. I wiped off some of the excess butter and garlic, but they were still very present in the flavor. Surprisingly, everyone drooled at how yummy they were and...

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